Our Story

We have created a consortium of knowledgeable, talented and dedicated professionals in every role necessary, from evaluating a current strategy to rewriting a brand strategy, research of all forms, creating a brief, developing a marketing plan, Intellectual Property attorneys, public relations experts, media gurus, social media and Adword specialists, and executing traditional + digital advertising from the brief with top-shelf, super-talented, conceptual copywriters and art directors.

We call on Fresh Branding Group’s consortium of professionals as we need them. So our clients don’t pay for players who aren’t needed at a particular point in an engagement. Yet every member of our consortium is a leader in his or her role, operating at the highest levels of their individual specialties. When we need a specific role or player, they’re waiting “on the bench.”

The pay-as-you-play approach

This pay-as-you-play approach is a clear and distinct advantage vs. agencies burdened by staffers, where staffers are costs that ride the elevator down each evening. They need to be paid even when they aren’t engaged. Why should our clients pay for services and people they aren’t using?

Our beginnings

Fresh Branding Group is a New York-based, full service, integrated advertising and branding agency. We launched in late 2007 and somehow, despite the Great Recession, grew to become one of New York’s leading boutique creative shops. We grew up at big, famous New York agencies in award-winning, high-level creative roles, responsible for the largest marketers’ businesses in the world. We believe deeply in our clients, live their businesses and challenges with them and dedicate ourselves as partners in helping them grow their brands. We are the earnest types, but fun to work with.

Our "Inside-Outside" Process

Here’s a bird’s eye view of our process, though it doesn’t always have to work this way. We are extremely flexible.




Perceptions from inside your company and industry

Key Deliverables:

Identify assumed market perceptions

Positioning hypotheses




Perceptions from outside your company: your
target group

Quantitative Initiative

Qualitative Initiative

Key Deliverables:

Identify assumed market perceptions

Positioning hypotheses




Planning and Research Review

Key Deliverables:

Creative Brief

Marketing Plan




Create the visual and verbal assets

Key Deliverables:

Bring the strategy to life

Reflect brand values & positioning

Additional Core Competencies


We are expert at planning and buying digital and traditional media. Not to mention social media. Let’s face it, we’re all staring at the screen in our hands. Facebook is excellent for promotions. And Twitter develops relationships with your core base. We spend time on other apps like, Instagram, Foursquare and Snapchat, to name a few.

Digital Marketing

Our responsive website designs work on a desktop as well as mobile devices. SEO is part of our website development. We execute SEM campaigns developing successful PPC Google Adwords programs. Our banner advertising campaigns can go beyond simple static banners, employing the magic of animation to capture attention.

Traditional Touchpoints

We grew up creating trade and consumer print and TV. It never matters to us who comes up with an idea, as long as what emerges is inventive, memorable and on brief. The special knowledge required for direct mail became part of our skill set. As well as creating brochures and expositional print pieces. Traditional is still powerful communication.


Whether sweepstakes or contests, we handle both by making sure we adhere to strategic goals. Promotions must hew to your brand personality and voice in order to make the promotion relevant. Inventing unique and creative ideas for promotions are part of our creative process. Budgets have a range and we handle both simple and complex solutions.




Jeff has spent over 25 years in the branding and advertising space, working with clients, professionals and products creating major success after major success. He has been responsible for changing the bottled water industry, launching new products for major companies, helping important brands and companies identify their sales messages and brand voice, even turning around failing ventures, while winning dozens of creative awards along the way and gaining the greatest satisfaction: seeing clients succeed.

Jeff’s expertise spans the gamut from food & beverage to financial & insurance, real estate, BtoB, OTC pharma, pet industry, healthcare, wine & spirits, sporting goods, auto aftermarket and CPG. Listening carefully to founders, CEOs, MDs, Presidents, Chief Marketing Officers and sales leaders is one key to understanding the business issues and aspirations of companies and clients.

The over-riding approach is about integrity in all manner of business, so, along with the insights and valuable thinking comes a commitment to fairness, doing what is right and ever-higher expectations.


Our clients love us. Okay, we admit it. We love them back. Many have told what they really think. Here are a few choice supportive comments.

“I cannot say this any other way, but Fresh Branding was key to my company’s success.”
–Jon Willinger, Founder, Former CEO, JW Pet

“Fresh Branding Group has helped our brands achieve remarkable rates of growth.”
–Gioirgio Mantovani, COO, Corman, S.p.A.

“In my role as a CEO, introducing a new, high-end coffee brand, it made sense to tap Jeff Linder’s brain once again.”
–John Moore, CEO, Nobletree Coffee

“At Standard & Poor’s I was impressed with Jeff Linder; he turned what he learned into clever, interesting pieces of communication.”
-Stuart Braman, former Managing Director, Standard & Poor’s, currently CEO, Fossil Free Indexes

“Fresh Branding has been a valuable and integral part of the work I do.”
–Barbara LaPlaca, VP Communications and Outreach, The Floating Hospital